Our Green Door Coffee roasting studio is the key of our success. Coffee bean origins from almost everywhere in the coffee beltline. Other than quality of the beans, freshness of roast is essential for us and customers, our roasting schedule is very rapid in order to make sure your cup of coffee freshly roasted and developed.


Coffee Roasting

Serving the perfect brew from our artisanry roasted coffee beans to your cup. While you enjoy your cup of Green Door Coffee, we are thinking of you (in roasting studio) and digesting informations to roast better coffee beans. 

Specialty Beans

Our famous product – Single Origin Coffee Beans. We love to share each beans' aroma and taste notes in our weekly update menu. 

Custom Coffee Blends

Every restaurant and Coffee Shops have their specific requirements on coffee in pairing with their food and atmosphere. Our lead roaster can custom roast your own blend to impress your customers.

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Green Bean Wholesale

Yes. We also serves Coffee Green Bean Wholesale for local roasters. It is very enjoyable to discuss with our peers about how to roast and brew in different styles.


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  1. hello,

    i would like to buy the helor 102 in your shop.
    Is it possible to ship the Grinder to Austria?
    And how much would the tax be like?

    best wishes

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